• The Art of Chauffeuring

  • Why Become A Chauffeur?

    The chauffeur’s job comes with a number of benefits. For one, chauffeurs receive flexible control over their hours. Depending on their preferences, chauffeurs can choose to drive in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or nights.

    Chauffeurs also avoid unwanted surprises. They receive their assignments ahead of time, which gives them the opportunity to inspect their vehicles and plan their days according to the client’s itinerary.

    Some jobs require employees to work in teams; other jobs require employees to work in-dependently. A chauffeur does both: they work together with the whole team of chauffeurs, but once they get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they experience the freedoms of independent work.

    Chauffeurs are lucky in that they meet and interact with new people every single day. Every new client is a new story, a new chance to make connections, a new chance to experience the world.

    Who Is The Ideal Chauffeur?

    There is no perfect age or background that makes a great chauffeur: chauffeurs come from all walks of life. That being said, there are some traits that great chauffeurs all seem to share.

    Great chauffeurs are accommodating. They concern themselves with helping others through great customer service. The ideal chauffeur knows their client’s wants and needs and delivers accordingly.

    The ideal chauffeur is also sociable. They enjoy meeting new people. After all, chauffeurs have new clients in their vehicles almost every day. Great chauffeurs love to inter-act with various people, and they excel at doing so.

    And, of course, great chauffeurs like to drive – after all, they do spend much of their time behind the wheel. Great chauffeurs love their jobs, and driving is one of their biggest responsibilities.

    A chauffeur, then, is more than just a person who drives a car. A chauffeur is someone who is equally skilled at customer service and transporting a client safely to and from their destination.

    Being a chauffeur means more than just driving. It means having the skill, passion, train-ing and natural aptitudes of a talented driver, as well as an excellent service person. It’s not a job that many people can do well, but a ground transportation business is only as good as their frontline staff – the ones that will be face to face with the clients and responsible for providing safe, top-notch service.