• Taking your lessons

  • Polishing your skills

    Most people find that theory and practice work best hand in hand. With JEHOM, we help you learn both at the same time. So, what you learn in theory is put into practice on the roads, all with the support of our professional instructors.

    After your first lesson

    We'll give you a call after your first lesson to make sure everything went well. And while we'll always try to give you an instructor that's right for you – if something's not quite right, we can always change your instructor.

    It's your lesson

    You're paying for your lessons, so why should you compromise? 
    At JEHOM we have the highest quality standards. So there'll be no stopping for petrol during the lesson or sharing your time with another student – unless it's for something you specifically need to learn about.

    Tracking your progress

    You will receive Track record to help you track your progress and for your instructor to plan your lessons. So you'll be able to see at a glance how you're doing.