• B-class driving course (Personal car)

  • Nature of the class B course:

    For Beginners
    The first step to getting your license is submitting an application to traffic. You must have a permanent address in Finland, a social security number. You need 2 passport size photographs and a permit fee 40 euros permit fee to Ajovarma’s office.

    The B – Course includes 8 theory lessons 14 practical driving lessons.
    The lessons are broken down in the following order.
    Risk Awareness Training course is made up of 4 theory classroom lessons, 3 driving lessons in a car and one driving course in a simulator for night driving or on the road depending on the choice of the school. 
    Risk Education made up of 4 theory and 4 driving practical lessons.


    * The rule of Advanced and Practical Phase has been changed to Risk education from July 1st, 2018

    This training is intended for those who have received a driving license before the change 1.7.2018 and have not completed the practical phase and the advanced stage.
    Risk education includes 4 theoretical lessons and 4 driving hours. 

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